Recombinant is pioneering the study of music as a language, and developing interactive technology that puts the fan in the band.

The result is a gateway opportunity to remarket every song in the world as an interactive experience available to all people, regardless of ability or training.

Our flagship product is the JamBandit interactive music platform.

JamBandit is the world's simplest environment for interactive music performance. There are no strings. No frets. No keys. No instructions. No user manual. Just you, the touchscreen, and a magical ability to play music well.



  • Dave Park - CoFounder / CEO

    Dave is a 15 year music industry veteran of artist management, talent acquisition, and music publishing. In addition to being an early champion of Korn and Papa Roach, Dave discovered and developed the Grammy Award-winning group Deftones. An outspoken advocate for new technologies to bring artists and fans together, Dave has been a featured speaker at MIDEM, SFMusicTech Summit, and TEDx.

  • David Cope - CoFounder / CTO Emeritus

    Since the early 1980's, David Cope has been recognized in music, linguistic, and artificial intelligence communities for his work in music analysis and recomposition. Cope is widely regarded as a leading mind in the field of music and algorithmic composition, and a pioneer in the study of music as a language. David is Professor Emeritus in the Music Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

  • Keith Muscutt - CoFounder / Chief Operating Officer

    Prior to co-founding Recombinant, Keith had been Asst Dean of Arts at UC Santa Cruz since 1978. For over 25 years, Keith has been principal confidante, collaborator, and editor to David Cope, in addition to inventing and advocating new purposes for the resulting technologies. Keith is also a renowned anthropologist and sociologist, with work featured on both The History Channel and The Discovery Channel. Keith Muscutt holds a Bachelor of Arts, with honors, from the University of Sussex, England, and a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of California at Davis.

  • Jesse Chappell

    Jesse is a software engineer who developed the Thumbjam, DrumJam, and TonalEnergy Tuner applications, all three of which are among the top paid music applications in the iTunes App Store. A multi-instrumentalist and expert in signal processing systems, he holds a B.S. in Computer Science from William and Mary.

  • John Seales, DMA - CTO Designate

    Dr. John Seales was born and raised in Silicon Valley, the son of two engineers. He holds a Bachelors degree in mathematics and a doctorate in algorithmic music composition. His compositions have been performed in the United States and Korea. In 2010, he was awarded a one year research fellowship to study Korean music, living in Seoul for one year. John's doctoral research concerned computer algorithms for building tuning systems from the spectra of musical sounds, and a full-length opera "The Strangler Fig," for Korean, Western, and Electronic instruments.

  • Joel Ford

    Joel holds an M.A. in Composition from UC Santa Cruz, with emphasis in algorithmic composition. Joel is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and talented engineer who comes to Recombinant with aptitudes ranging from digital audio workstation management to independent videogame development.

  • Scott Reams

    Scott Reams has major label credits as a recording artist, composer, and recording studio engineer. An expert in multiple DAWS systems and talented multi-instrumentalist, Scott holds a degree with honors from the Berklee School of Music.

  • Jordan Rudess - Senior Artist in Residence

    Jordan is a world renowned keyboardist, Juilliard graduate, and Grammy nominee. In addition to Dream Theater, he has worked with many artists including Liquid Tension Experiment, David Bowie, Steven Wilson, the Dixie Dregs, Enrique Iglesias, Tony Williams, Jan Hammer and the Paul Winter Consort. Jordan also owns the award-winning app development company Wizdom Music, creators of MorphWiz, SketchWiz, SampleWiz, SpaceWiz, Geo Synthesizer, and Tachyon.

  • Chris McClure - Brand/Content Strategy

    Chris began his career developing Artists for record labels and publishers, then ultimately as a manager at Front Line / Live Nation Entertainment. As the landscape continued to evolve between technology, social media and entertainment - Chris directed his focus toward that intersection and opportunities for Artists to leverage their creativity, their content and their audiences toward new revenue streams. Forming Transmedia Creatives in 2010, Chris has built out Artist Relations departments for brands and agencies resulting in the launch of over 200+ campaigns featuring Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, Deadmau5, Paul McCartney, tech giants Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and 50+ consumer brands among others.


  • Jim Griffin

    Jim is one of the leading minds in music, digital media, and technology. He was the music industry's first-ever Chief Technology Officer (Geffen Records, '93-'98), and is periodically called upon to give expert testimony in matters regarding digital media and public policy. A frequent keynote speaker and moderator at conferences (Internet Summit, Giga Conference, Comdex, CES, Webnoize, and many others), Jim also lectures annually at such business schools as Harvard, USC, UCLA, and UC Berkeley.

  • Rick Shoemaker

    Rick ranks among the world's most respected music publishing executives. He retired in March 2006, after spending 13 years as President of Warner Chappell Music, the music publishing division of Warner Music Group. Warner Chappell, the worlds largest music publisher, is home to artists such as Led Zeppelin, REM, Eric Clapton, Madonna, Sheryl Crow, George & Ira Gershwin, Dr. Dre, Harry Chapin, Green Day, and Santana.

  • Lance Williams

    Lance J. Williams is an Academy Award and Steven A. Coons Award winning graphics researcher who made major contributions to texture map prefiltering, shadow rendering algorithms, facial animation, and antialiasing techniques. Prior to his recent work at Nokia Research Center Hollywood, Lance was an engineer for Google Earth, and Chief Scientist at Walt Disney Feature Animation.


  • SF MusicTech Fund
  • Peermusic III Ltd, Ralph Peer CEO
  • Ty Roberts, CoFounder/Chief Strategy Officer, Gracenote
  • Rick Young, State Street
  • ground(ctrl)



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