Recombinant is a stakeholder in music analysis and developing new paradigms for interactive media.

We are a team of experts and engineers, dedicated to finding new ways of applying music data to create new experiences for music fans, and new revenue for artists and rights holders.

We Put the Fan in the Band through virtual talent applications, enabling anyone to play any instrument on any song, expertly and improvisationally, by touchscreen or motion control.

We’re also developing solutions for repurposing music data as visual input, making images and ads contextually responsive to music.

Recombinant holds revenue share and other agreements with major rights holders including Universal Music Group, Universal Music Publishing, and Peermusic, as well as a range of noteworthy independent artists.

Founders : Dave Park, Keith Muscutt, Professor Emeritus David Cope (UC Santa Cruz)

Investors : SF MusicTech Fund (Brian Zisk), Ty Roberts (UMG / Gracenote), Rick Young (State Street), Peermusic, Wonderful Union

Advisors : Jim Griffin (UN, Geffen, WMG), Andrew Essex (Droga 5, Tribeca), David L. Smith (IAB, Mediasmith), Lance Williams (Dreamworks, Disney)

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We live to shape the future


Recombinant was founded with dreams of making the music world a better place for artists and fans.

We believe in missionaries over mercenaries.

We aspire to high standards of stewardship for artists and rights holders.

We believe in the value of creative experts and top remote engineers. Growing data says distributed teams are healthier and happier, in addition to the cost efficiency and lower environmental impact.

We go where the data leads us.